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Licola Wilderness Village

Celebrating 50 years!

About Us

Licola is a small and attractive village beside the Macalister River, 254 kilometres east of Melbourne.

The township of Licola is owned entirely by the Lions Clubs of Victoria and Southern New South Wales. It is the only privately owned town in Victoria and the only one not on mains power.

The town generates its own power, pumps and treats its own water and is also responsible for its waste management.

The greater part of the town is occupied by the Licola Wilderness Village, where Lions Clubs have for 50 years run camps for disadvantaged and deserving children and special needs groups, mostly held during the school holidays. In addition to this, we’re also open to small & large public groups.

Catch a sneak peak of Licola prior to being purchased by the Lions, by clicking here.

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