Birds at Licola Wilderness Village

Licola Wilderness Village and the surrounding Alpine National Park, State Forest, Scenic Reserves, Wilderness Areas, and Agricultural land hosts a wide range of habitat for native birds. Some of the birds that have been sighted here at the Village over the past years include;

Birds at Licola Wilderness Village

Common name;

Australian Kestrel

Australian Magpie

Australian Pipit

Australian Reed Warbler

Bar-shouldered Dove

Black Duck


Black-faced cuckoo-shrike

Boobook Owl

Brown Goshawk

Brown Thornbill

Common bronzewing

Common Starling

Cormorant (Great)

Cormorant (Little pied)

Crested Pigeon

Crimson Rosella

Dusky Moorhen

Dusky Wood Swallow

Eurasian Coot

Flame Robin


Gang-Gang Cockatoo

Golden Finch

Golden Whistler

Great Cormorant

Grey Fantail

Grey Shrike-Thrush

Grey Teal

House Sparrow

Jacky Winter

King Parrot

Laughing Kookaburra

Leaden Flycatcher

Little Corella

Little Pied Cormorant

Little Raven

Magpie Lark

Masked Lapwing

Noisy Friarbird

Olive-Backed oriole

Peregrine Falcon

Pied Currawong

Red Wattlebird

Rufous Songlark

Rufous Whistler

Satin Bowerbird

Scarlet Robin


Spotted Pardalote

Striated Pardalote

Striated Thornbill

Superb Blue Fairy Wren

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Tree Martin

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Welcome Swallow

White Browed Scrubwren

White-Bellied Sea Eagle

White-Faced Heron

White-Throated Tree Creeper

White-Winged Chough

Willie Wagtail

Wood Duck

Yellow Robin

Yellow-faced Honeyeater

Yellow-rumped Thornbill