Instructor-led Activities at Licola


(This activity can either be run by our qualified instructors or by a visiting teacher. Teachers will be given a briefing at the start of the camp on how to run a safe and fun session)Our outdoor archery range provides an opportunity to develop dexterity, control and precision! Two different target ranges are geared to every age group and students will be given bows and arrows to match their individual strength and size.


(This activity is not available to all groups, please enquire) Creativity is catered for in a special art & craft building (equipment includes screens for screen printing).


(This activity can only be run by a qualified instructors) There is an incredible opportunity for schools to camp out, whether its on top of Mt Eliza or for younger students in a nearby paddock, we can tailor a program to your needs. We’ve just expanded our fleet of tents and sleeping mats, including a large central tent for teachers also.


( This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) This is another great activity for learning the intricacies of team working, leadership, planning and problem solving, but more importantly how not to get wet! Pupils work together to design and build their raft out of barrels, logs and rope and also take to the water to test out their craft.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) An opportunity to learn basic canoeing skills and develop confidence in water through a variety of games and exercises that take place in the safety of our flat water section of the Macalister River. Some short excursions can also take place upstream.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) Our climb tower was completed in Feb of 2017 and is one of the most amazing climbing towers out there! With four sides and 5 different climbs, incorporating overhangs, slopes, outcroppings and even a chimney, this tower has something for all climbing abilities. The tower alone is enough to justify a trip to Licola.


Pupils work in small teams to both analyse and ultimately solve a number of clearly defined problems. This involves working with a variety of puzzles, tasks and activities. Teamwork, planning and critical decision making are essential skills to build upon in order to achieve success.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) Voted the most exhilarating, adrenaline rush, of our activities! The thrill of achievement is powerful, increasing confidence and personal achievement through conquering fears of heights or speed. Participants conquer their fears of height or speed as they are harnessed in and hoisted into the air. Overcoming nerves, they must release the rip cord and shoot through the air. An exhilarating ride in complete safety.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) This is extreme exhilaration! Mustering all their confidence, determination and adrenaline, students step off the platform and go zipping down into the valley below – an experience not to be forgotten!


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors - however, guests can bring their own bikes)Reintroduced to our program in 2010 with a training course built on site. Instructors will take groups through various activities designed to have fun but more importantly to test the group and assess their ability before heading out up Target Creek Road or along the Macalister River.


(This activity must be run by Qualified Instructors only) Twenty five feet off the ground and safe in harnesses and helmets, children navigate an exhilarating course of ropes and harnesses that will really test their nerve and skill. Elements include the Burma Bridge, the Criss Cross, Swinging Vines, Train Tracks and the Dangle Duo. The Dangle Duo is an excellent team building activity whereby partners must assist each other side by side to get to the top of the giant ladder – each student has their own safety harness, helmet, and belay rope.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) A new facility purpose built in 2008 for our Special Needs Camps. Jointly sponsored by the Jack Brockhoff Foundation and Variety Victoria.


(This activity must be run by Qualified Instructors only) An exercise not just in balance but also in confidence too. Carefully following the instructor’s guidance, participants complete a pole climb followed by a leap to a mid-air suspended target. Your class will be talking about it for days. Note: Age/ height/ weight restrictions may apply.


(This activity can only be run by qualified instructors) The brand new climbing tower has an incredible element to it, the Quick Jump. The Quick Jump allows participants to climb the tower, walk across the top and step off the other side for an arrested descent to the ground! This is an incredible experience and shouldn’t be missed.