Our Wild4 programs follow on from our Lions Sponsored Camps that provide residential adventure camps for 8-11 year old’s who are identified as ‘deserving’ of the opportunity to come and have a week filled with fun, laughter and adventure.

What our WILD 4 program are about:

Wild4 programs are the next step in the journey to opportunity for children 12-17 yrs. We aim to provide an early intervention for young people who are identified as having an “increased risk of disengaging from their school, society, and their families” .

The Wild4 programs use activities such as bush-walking, camp fires & cooking, group initiatives, paddling just name a few, to help young people develop skills in communication, teamwork, goal setting and identifying positive choices.

The Wild4 programs are a chance for young people to get away from their usual environments where negative patterns are being created. Young people are supported by our highly skilled instructors, who, through the activities above focus on identifying negative behaviour’s and are coached through how to replace them with positive behaviour’s and decisions that will lead lead them to being more successful at school, in social settings and with future employment. Each young person has a chance to connect with peers, learn new skills and develop confidence within a supportive group environment.

For more information on the Wild4 program, please contact us in the office on (03) 5148 8791.


Wild4 Program reports (click the links)

2015: Wild4 in Licola

2016: Wild4 in Licola

2017: Wild4 in Licola

2018: Wild4 in Licola

2019: Wild4 in Licola


Catch a glimpse of the Wild4 program in the video below: