The aim of the Wild4 program is to provide an early intervention program for boys and young men between 13 and 16 years old, who are at an “increased risk of disengaging from their school, society, and their families” ┬áThe program is a chance for them to get away from their usual environments for a 10 day journey in the bush with a small group of fellas (~10) around the same age and 3 confident male role models (experienced and qualified outdoor educators), the journey involves bush-walking, camp fires & cooking and outdoor recreation with an intentional and therapeutic framework.

The 10-day intensive outdoor education programs are aimed at helping participants to build self esteem and positive connections with others, engagement with their communities and encourage them to seek further training and/or future employment. Follow-up mentoring occurs at regular intervals after the course. With many participants returning years later as mentors.

With plans to also eventually add in a Wild4 girls program.

For more information on the wild4 program, please contact us in the office on (03) 5148 8791.

Wild4 Program reports (click the links)

2015: Wild4 in Licola

2016: Wild4 in Licola

2017: Wild4 in Licola

2018: Wild4 in Licola

2019: Wild4 in Licola


Catch a glimpse of the Wild4 program in the video below: