Volunteers at Licola Lions Sponsored Camps

Licolas’ aim is to run fun & safe camps for children aged between 8-11 years old, that have been deemed as “needing a break”, disadvantaged, disabled, disengaged and/or deserving children from across Victoria & Southern NSW. Each camp can accommodate between 70-150 campers. Campers are sponsored by local Lions Clubs and other organizations. These children are then supported by at least 20-40 volunteers and 10-15 qualified staff members. All adults on site must have a valid WWCC or equivalent.

Each camp session runs for a week. There are 3 camps in the January school holidays, one in the first week of the April school holidays and another in the first week of the September school holidays.

The camp week looks very similar to that of a school camp where children travel in their group with their leader to activities. Campers are encouraged to try new activities to build skills and character, such as problem solving and resilience. Like any good camp, between each activity we eat!! The days are full of adventure and excitement so it can be tiring though leaders consistently say it is an extremely rewarding experience.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Licola; they play a variety of vital roles;  

Cabin Leaders: play the most amazing role for the campers, they are the “go-to” humans and role models of camp. They supervise and engage with campers throughout the day & night , going to activities & meals together, encouraging positive behaviors such as being SunSmart and using cutlery! As the day draws to an end, once campers are all ready for bed, Cabin Leaders often enjoy reading or telling a bedtime story to help the children settle in for the night. Camp then wakes up, rinses and repeats; and before you know it the week is at an end! Cabin Leaders often reap the reward of the strongest connections and impact on campers; it’s a much-loved position.  

General Helpers: are the glue that keeps camp on time and running smoothly. There are multiple different roles that general helpers fill. This can include taking epic photos of the magic of camp, being a master of the scullery, using discretion to protect a child’s dignity after an accident, town trips, general cleaning, and stepping in during activities when Cabin Leaders require a short break. Some say, this role is bit like being a grandparent figure. General helpers are generally very flexible and very helpful.  

First Aiders: must have a minimum of a first aid qualification and often work alongside nurses and other medical professionals. They are responsible for administering medications to campers and volunteers as required, consoling campers who may be struggling with homesickness, issuing band aids and creating a welcoming safe space. First Aiders fix the booboos & ouchies, they help campers reset and get back into their day. 

Are you interested in volunteering?

Apply now using the link below to fill in an application form, or download one and send it back, using the link at the top of this page.

You will also need a Working with Children Check, or your State/Territory equivalent.

For more information please contact Brooke on (03)5148 8791 or volunteerslicola@hotmail.com

2021 LSC Dates

Camp 304: Monday 20th to Friday 24th September, 2021 (All Clubs)

2022 LSC Dates

Camp 305: Monday 3rd to Friday 7th January 2022 (Geelong and V2 country clubs)

Camp 306: Monday 10th to Friday 14th January 2022 (Metropolitan and V3 Clubs)

Camp 307: Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd January 2022 (V6 and Country V1-4 Clubs)

Camp 308: Sunday 10th to Thursday 14th April 2022 (All Clubs)

Camp 309: Sunday 18th to Thursday 22nd September 2022 (All Clubs)